Asset Liquidation

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resell both used & unused furniture, Electronic, Machineries or Infrastructure assets

We are committed to finding ways to put used office furniture & other assets to good use and not into the landfill & Scrap Yards.

What is liquidaton?

Consideration When Liquidating Office Assets

When commercial offices relocate, what are the options for disposing of furniture that won’t be incorporated into the new space? 

One option that commercial operations pursue is liquidation. Under the right circumstances, liquidation can be an effective way to find a new place and bring a cash return to the business. However, many factors impact the success of liquidation.

Business owners may be surprised to learn that their assets are worth less than they expect. The value of assets depreciates over time, and the life expectancy for most is 5 years. For example, any asset purchased for ₹ 10000 will depreciate ₹ 2000 each year. If that asset is 3 years old at the time of liquidation, the retail value would be less than ₹ 4000. However, that does not mean that the business will be able to sell the asset for ₹ 4000. The liquidator needs to account for the cost to disassemble, transport, warehouse, and sell the asset. The actual price the liquidator offers for the asset may be as low as 5% of the current retail value or in this example ₹ 200.
In order to stay in business, liquidators need to be able to sell the assets they purchase. If assets need to take up space in a warehouse for months or longer until the right buyer comes along, the liquidator must factor that storage and carrying cost into its offer. In some cases, liquidators will opt not to purchase difficult-to-sell pieces from commercial offices.

Liquidation processes can include unexpected costs, depending on the service model used by the individual company. Some may charge a steep removal and disposal fee to clear out assets that they do not purchase from the business. Others will only remove furniture that they have actually sold, leaving the commercial office to contract and pay for a mover to move out the unwanted office furniture.
Some commercial offices have attempted to sell their unwanted office furniture through the online marketplace. These businesses face a similar set of issues as liquidators and additionally must make time for potential buyers who want to view the pieces in person, haggle over prices, and only buy small quantities or individual pieces.

Halef Liquidation management

Best Cash Returns for your Assets

Halef can provide the finest liquidation or resale value for your used and unused unwanted assets, such as furniture, electronics, machines, and infrastructure.

As part of this effort, Halef has partnered with nonprofit organizations, builders, landlords, small- & large-scale enterprises dealing in preowned assets, startup companies looking out for used infrastructure setup & individuals to build a list of their office furniture & other assets needs. During our contract to remove furniture & other allied assets from commercial offices & industries, we look for opportunities to transfer as many assets as we can to our partnered organizations for their spaces & customer needs. A significant amount of time and labor is involved in the disassembly of assets for transport to the actual delivery location. We make every effort to keep the cost of removing unwanted assets as low as possible for our clients.

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Why choose Halef?

Halef is able to provide & bring the best cash returns into the business of our clients looking out for liquidation services to manage space or to move to a new business place.


We build leading marketplace ecosystems through our collaborations and strategic partnerships with multiple enterprises & organisations in the market across the country dealing into preowned buying, to meet our customers’ expectations to bring the best cash returns into their business.


As an effort, we also provide cash on delivery services to our trusted partnered organisations in the market situated across the country for a minimum purchase quantity on bulk orders to minimise their transportation expenses.


We also provide flexible payment terms to our partnered organization in the reselling market enabling them to provide the best prices for the goods.

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