Scrap & E-Waste Management

We follow all compliances & certifications involved in the E-waste recycling process                                                                                                                                                             
  • Inspection/ Assessment of the materials
  • Proposal based on the estimated tons of Metal Scrap & Metric tons of E-Waste
  • Approvals & Purchase receipt or invoice
  • Initiate Payment Transfer & receipts
  • Transportation Management
  • Clearance & Disposal through authorized entities

Our Scrap management structure is designed to provide a simplified process of scrap disposal and management.

IT, Non-IT and other miscellaneous scrap.

Responsible scrapping

Our Scrap management structure is designed to provide a simplified process of scrap disposal and management. We are directed towards assisting leading companies in receiving the optimum value for scrap while disposing off their IT, Non-IT, and other miscellaneous scrap.

We also provide appropriate infrastructure and framework for end-to-end management of obsolete and outdated spares along with industrial assets (all types of industrial plants and machinery), e-scrap, steel scrap (stainless, alloy, mild, and others), and regular asset scrap, among others.


800000 +

tons of scrap managed
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HALEF SCRAP & E-Waste Management

Why choose Halef?

Scrap can be classified as anything that is industrial waste or an obsolete item that remains unutilized. At present, the Indian scrap market is highly unorganized, and most operations are carried out manually, which raises governance, safety, and environmental concerns.

We at Halef are collaborated directly with recycling industries, Iron & Steel melting furnaces, Plastic Manufacturers & E-waste recyclers across the county for raw materials supply which enables us to negotiate the best value for the goods & remove the mark-up earned by intermediaries or middlemen in a supply chain between the seller and the end consumer involved in the distribution and selling process.

Certificates for only E-waste recycling

The entire recycling and disposal procedure is documented on a comprehensive certificate. We are committed to operating in the transparent.


For our IT clients in particular, we offer official data destruction certifications as additional assurance that their data has been properly destructed.

contract (1)

In accordance with the Pollution control board of India or the state for e- waste recycling to demonstrate the adherence to their regulations, including permits, licenses, & certifications.


We provide complete acknowledgment certificates of hazardous Materials in e-waste and the associated risks.


At the conclusion of the process, a recovery report is sent with all the meticulously organised details.

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